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Using Parameter Sweeps with Submit

By Steve Clark1, Derrick Kearney1, Mats Rynge2, Karan Vahi2, J M Sperhac3

1. HUBzero Purdue 2. USC Information Sciences Institute 3. University at Buffalo, SUNY

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You can submit a series of compute jobs, using an array of parameters, to the compute resources. The series of parameters can be specified in several different ways. Parameter sweeps can be run locally (on the HUBzero instance) or on the cluster resources. This example demonstrates how to call parameter sweeps via submit, including a simple Python script, input files for the parameters, and the necessary calls to submit parameter sweeps. Click "Supporting Docs" to access and download the example script and parameter files. submit-screenshot-params


Example written by the HUBzero team

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